The Story of La Petite Alice

This is the story of La Petite Alice. 2015 September 14, on Monday, sunny like no other, our family embraced a baby girl Alice for the first time. The name she got destined the discovery of this world to be an adventurous one.

Time flew, Alice was growing up fast and despite all the parenthood joys and magical moments I was constantly in search for baby clothing that would last the adventure, yet be gentle, organic, and still beautiful…

And here is how another adventure called La Petite Alice began!

La Petite Alice is a line of children and women clothes and accessories, founded by Justina.

La Petite Alice - Justina and Alice

The Team of La Petite Alice

We have a teeny tiny team: Asta, who helps to shape each cloth and transform it from the thoughts to reality, Aleksandra, who sews carefully the items and Alina, who embroiders each item by hand. And then all of our items are beautifully captured by our photographer Agne.
I am so happy to be surrounded by these wonderful women.

Our Process

We use certified organic linen that we purchase from local linen factory in Lithuania. Our goal is to buy the leftovers of linen to be a zero-waste business.

All embroidery pieces are unique even using the same pattern – each one is slightly different from the other, but yet all of them are equally cute and beautiful. Most of the embroidery patterns are made by our friend, a Japanese artist, Kazuko Aoki.

Before the items are embroidered, the clothes are being washed with a non-toxic, non-petroleum based, biodegradable laundry soap.

When the items are ready to go home, we wrap it, write cards… Every product is made from start to finish by hand and with love. The cards were drawn specially for us by our friend, Latvian artist, Linda Anna Smiltina-Raistere.

We work carefully, slowly, with good intention for You or Your little one to wear it happily.

Discover our line of linen clothing with hand embroideries.

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