La Nostalgie


Another autumn. The air is filled with sweet smells of homemade pies. It’s all gloomy and soothing… Sitting there on the window sill for hours. Nowhere to rush, just appreciating the silence, while thinking about yesterday’s adventures.

Rain pours its heavy drops just like heavy piano notes appear at this season of the year. It is the time of us getting slower, yet more meaningful. We lose the mood for play, now we want to get lost in memories, soft pillows and candle light. Sunlight gets its orange hues, its contrast is stronger, its colour more vivid. She is fulfilled. Just like us after summer full of adventures.

We take the baggage full of memories as we took the luggage for holidays back in the summer. And we are ready for new travels. Travels of memories.We can now wander anywhere. Even to a childhood full of ventures. When you were jumping on your mothers bed without her knowing… When you open that mysterious wardrobe and spend hours exploring it. When the play didn’t need games, just a companion with an adventurous soul…

It’s the precious time to look back and admire the cherished memories we have gathered. It’s putting photos into albums, using dried flowers that not long ago were blooming and smelling their scents again by making tea.

It’s a reminiscence of a time where we left traces of ourselves, feeling the most worthwhile.

Sometimes I doubt if real moments are more exciting than the memories it recalls. And yet one feels for certain – nostalgia is the most charming taste of autumn.

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