2015 September 14, on Monday, sunny like no other, our family embraced a baby girl Alice for the first time. The name she got destined the discovery of this world to be an adventurous one.

Time flew, Alice was growing up fast and despite all the parenthood joys and magical moments I was constantly in search for baby clothing that would last the adventure, yet be gentle, organic, and still beautiful…

And here is how another adventure called La Petite Alice began!

Handmade Linen Clothes & Accessories

We create linen clothes and accessories with embroideries for children and women. All our linen clothes are made to order and entirely handmade in Lithuania from Oeko-Tex certified linen.

La Petite Alice ensures the most delicate touch for your and your baby’s skin with a very unique style.

We work carefully, slowly, with good intention for You and Your little one to wear it happily.

Timeless & Made to last

In an time full of trends and given the impact of fast fashion on the Earth we rather believe in creating linen clothes to last, improving things you can wear your whole life.

This is why we do not produce seasonal collections.

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